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Voltage: 0.6/1KV, 1.8/3KV, 3.6/6KV, 6/10KV, 8.7/10KV, 10KV, 11KV, 8.7/15KV, 18/30KV,33KV, 26/35KV
Conductor: Aluminum or Copper
Cores: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 3+1, 4+1, 3+2
Armoured: steel wire armour
Insulation: XLPE, PVC, LSF, Fire Resistant
Size: 10mm2
Standard: IEC 60502, BS 7870, GB/T12706 or other.
Packaging: Iron Or Wooden Drum
Application: Building, Engineered, Railway, Plant construction, School, Hospital, Underground and so on.
We can customize according to your requirements.


How do you tell the good 10mm swa cable from bad?

There are two features of the production of fake and shoddy 10mm swa. First of all, the insulation layer of 10mm2 swa cable is not made of high quality insulating plastics, but made of recycled plastic. If it is stripped, it will strip the insulation layer. It will cause the insulation layer to be struck by electric current and leak. It will cause great threat to the safety off life and property of users. Second, if make the core of the swa 10mm with inferior material, the actual cross section is far less than the specified specification. And the long term use of the conductor resistance will cause the heat, then cause the danger of eletrical fire. Want a low 10mm swa cable price? Please message Huadong.

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Check the label and surface of the 10mm swa cable.

Formal manufacturer’s certification of cable shall include the following: 3 c attestation, certification number, type and specification, standard, rated voltage, date of manufacture, producer, factory location, fixed-line telephone, and anti-fake label and so on. However, the printinf of counterfeit 10mm swa cable is often not clear or incomplete. The plastic outer skin of regular 10mm2 swa cable is soft and smooth. And its color is even. On the surface, there should  printe several items on the product qualification certificate. Such as: 3 C certification, certification number, type rating voltage, execution standard factory name and son on. Meanwhile, the handwriting must be clear and not easy to erase. In Huadong, you can get 10mm swa cable price at low price. Please feel free to send us an e-mail or call us.  sales@hdswacable.com


Check the thickness and tear insulation of the 10mm swa cable

High quality insulation material of swa 10mm have a certain mechanical strength and flexibility. It is easy tear. But, it will tear off or pinch of a piece of hand of poor quality 10mm swa cable. The insulation layer of the 10mm2 swa cable according to the regulation has a certain flame-retardant property to peel off a section of insulation layer, then ignite with a lighter. It can continue to self-ignite after leaving the open fire is inferior cable. The swa 10mm is one of our most important cables. If you have any need, please message us.

10mm swa cable

Our advantages: Huadong Cable Group was founded in 2005. It is a group joint-stock enterprise intergrating research, industry, and trade. The group has strong technical force, advanced production equipment, perfect testing equipment, reliable product quality, and excellent after-sales service. So please feel free to buy the 10mm swa cable in our group.

huadong factory

huadong factory

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Package & Delivery: Power cable package by iron or wooden drum or according to client’s requirement.

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huadong customer

Our 10mm swa cable is cheap and quality. Welcome you come and buy!

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