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AC90 cable

Conductor: copper/aluminum/aluminum alloy
Insulation: XLPE/PVC
Outer jacket: PVC
Armor: aluminum alloy interlocked armor
Voltage: 1–35kv
Packaging: wooden drum+wooden pallet/wooden box
Standard: IEC/ASTM/DIN/NFC etc.
Core: 1–5 or according to your requirement


Conductor: creep resistance, high flexibility, strong extended, low rebound, connection stability.
Insulation: high temperature resistant, anti-burning, anti-aging, strong and durable, low-carbon environment.
Armored layer: Lower cost and better performance, a special form of interlocking, sturdy and tough.
Outer sheath:without lead, cadmium in PVC, can be installed in wet or damp locations, can also be directly buried or laid in the construction.

ac90 cable
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Do you know about AC90 cable?

The ac 90 cable is a flexible interlock aluminum armoured cable for use in open and concealed wiring in dry locations. AC90 wire eliminates the need for conduit, fitting, and labor associated with pulling in wire, threading, and forming conduit. What’s more, ac 90 is class A flame retardant and low smoke zero halogen cable. AC90 cable is up to the standard absolutely of IEC 60754、GB17650.1, IEC 60502.1\GB 12706.1. AC90 bx’s armor is interlock aluminum armor. The conductor material of AC90 cable is interlock armored with aluminum alloy, copper, and aluminum. This cable’s rated voltage is 1 to 35kv. This cable through CSA certification, you can use it in non-humid environment of open or concealed wiring. And it has the same performance as the pipe laying. In addition, you can lay the ac90 cable in many ways. Such as tunnel, pipeline, and cable trench. Huadong Cable Group is a leading cable company in China. So, if you needs ac 90 cable, please don’t hesitate to choose Huadong. We are always at your service.


What is the application of AC90 cable?

AC 90 wire has a wide use in many places. You can install it outdoor, mounted vertically, also laying in tray or along the wall. Of course, you can bury ac90 wire underground. And remember that ac90 bx cable’s minimum bending radius of 7 times OD, 360 degree bending. In non-combustible buildings, you can use ac90 wire. Such as feeder lines for lighting, sockets and other equipment, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, and factories. The ac 90 cable is suitable for residential areas, commercial zones, industries, schools, large venues and others places. If you need this type cable, please send us an e-mail or call us. Huadong always welcomes your come and visit.

ac90 cable

What are the merits of AC90 cable?

Good corrosion resistance

AC90 wire has many advantages, because of aluminum alloy conductor and armor. So, what are the advantages? Let us continue. On the one hand, corrosion resistance is good. The corrosion resistance of pure aluminum is better than that of copper, but aluminum alloy is better than pure aluminum. Because of addition of rare earth and other chemical elements in aluminum alloy, which can improve corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy. In particular, it will solve the problem of electrochemical corrosion resistance, which long term presence in pure aluminum. You don’t have to worry about this problem with ac 90 cable.

ac90 cable
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Good electrical conductivity

On the other hand, electrical conductivity. The cable has a great electrical conductivity. Aluminum alloy conductor is a new kind of conductor material, which is made by adding rare earth, magnesium, copper and iron into pure aluminum. It is well known that the conductivity of aluminum will decrease with addition of many other alloy elements. Through process control, the conductivity can be restored to the level of pure aluminum. So aluminum alloy has similar carrying capacity with pure aluminum. From the above, you can feel free to choose ac90 wire. Then, where should you buy it? I believe that Huadong will be the best choice. Please contact us at any moment if you need ac 90 cable.


Why choose us?

Product process: Our AC cable all use high-class raw material. Such as high-quality copper or aluminum conductor, pvc outer jacket and so on. In the manufacture process, our professionals and works always check carefully.

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