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aluminum-alloy-interlocked-mc cable
huadong aluminum alloy interlocked mc cable

aluminum alloy interlocked cable


Voltage: 0.6/lkv,8.7/10kv,8.7/15kv,26/35kv
Conductor: (AAAC)All Aluminum Alloy Conductor/copper/aluminum
Armoured: Interlocked Armored with Aluminum Alloy/Unarmoured
Insulated: XLPE
Outer jacketed: PVC
Color: blue, black, red or according to your requirement



For exposed and concealed wiring in dry or wet locations and where exposed to the weather.
For use in ventilated, non-ventilated and ladder type cable trays in wet and dry locations.
For direct earth burial (with protection as required by Inspection Authority).
For service entrance above or below ground.
For use in hazardous locations with approved connectors.
Minimum recommended installation temperature minus 40°C (with suitable handling procedures).
Maximum conductor temperature 90°C.

mc cable
Huadong mc cable factory

How to get low mc cable price with free sample?

Price is one of the main factors to consider when buying mc wire. Of course, everybody wants to get mc electrical cable at a low price. So, how to get low metal clad cable price with free sample. On the one hand, you should find some mc cable manufacturers. Then get the metal clad wire price list from manufacturers and compare the differences these list. This is the most direct way. On the other hand, you can learn from other people to get the price. It’s better to choose a familiar person. And I wan to remind you, the quality of mc wire is also important. As an old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Don’t be greedy for cheap. Could it be said that there is no cheap and fine metal clad cable? The answer is yes. Huadong Cable Group can satisfy you in mc electrical cable. We can offer discount and high-quality metal clad wire. Welcome your come and buy at any time. We are always at your service. sales@hdswacable.com

Huadong mc wire free sample
Huadong mc wire free sample

What do you know about mc cable’s basic information?

What is mc cable?

MC wire come in a variety of configurations including isolated grounds, super neutral, neutral per phase and home run cable. With all of these configurations, you can find a cable to meet any needs. The mc cable is the abbreviation of metal clad cable. The armor material of mc wire is mainly aluminum alloy, galvanized steel tape, and aluminum. Usually, mc electrical cable’s conductor is aluminum, copper, and aluminum alloy. Among them, aluminum alloy is the most light and popular conductor. And it has single conductor mc cable and multi conductor mc cable. MC electrical wire is suitable for 600v~35kv voltage grade. They are suitable for dry and wet places under 90 degree. There is indoor and outdoor mc cable, weatherproof mc cable, jacketed mc cable, and direct burial mc cable. And the mc electrical cable has many colors. Such as red mc cable, black mc cable, and blue mc cable. There are many applications of mc cable wire.

mc cable
cheap mc cable price list

The application of mc cable.

The mc cable has many specifications, sizes, types. Such as copper mc feeder mc cable, water proof mc cable, 12 2 mc cable. You can use mc electrical cable in many places. Such as airports, military bases, office buildings, residences, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, factory buildings, and universities etc. MC feeder cable have also a broad use in many dangerous places. You can install mc armored cable vertically, in bracket, or along the wall. Also, you can install mccable outdoor, indoor, or underground. If you want to know mc cable price, please contact Huadong. As one of the professional mc cable manufacturers, we will give you a affordable price. sales@hdswacable.com

What are advantages of aluminum alloy conductor of mc cable?

High creep resistance of mc cable.

The aluminum alloy conductor of mc led cable has many advantages. Firstly, high creep resistance. The alloy materials and annealing of aluminum alloy conductors reduce the creep tendency of conductors under heat and pressure. The creep resistance of aluminum alloy of cables mc is improved by 300% compared with pure aluminum. It can avoid cold cause relaxation problem. Secondly, compared with pure aluminum conductor, AA conductor of wire mc has improved the tensile strength by adding special components. The AA conductor of lowes mc cable’s elongation increases to 30%, flexibility is 33% higher than copper, elasticity is 40% lower. So metal clad cable safer and more reliable.

mc cable

High continuous performance of mc cable.

Thirdly, continuous performance is high. The composition of aluminum alloy of metal clad wire greatly improved its bonding properties. When annealing conductor of metal covered wire, the iron produces high strength resistance to creep. It can ensure the stability of the connection even after long period of overload and overheating. Fourthly, good flexibility. AA conductor of cable metal clad has a good bending performance. Its unique alloy formula and processing technology greatly improve flexibility of mc wire. AA conductor is 30% more flexible and 40% less elastic than copper. Huadong is one of the most excellent mc cable manufacturers from China. If you have any need, please feel free to contact us. sales@hdswacable.com

cheap black mc cable for sale
cheap black mc cable for sale

Why are you choose aluminum alloy conductor of mc cable?

The common armored cables are mostly armored with steel tape, with low safety level. When it is damaged by the outside world, its ability to resist is poor, which can easily lead to breakdown. And it has a heavy weight, high installation cost and poor corrosion resistance, the service life is not long. The AA conductor of mc wire can withstand the destructive power of the outside world. Even when mc electrical cable is subjected to greater pressure and impact, cable is not easily breakdown, which improves safety. At the same time, the armoured structure insulates mc electrical wire from the outside world. Even in case of fire, the sheathed layer increases the fire resistance of mc feeder cable and reduces the fire hazard coefficient. In addition, the AA conductor is light, so it will reduce the weight of wire mc. Therefore, the installation of metal clad cable is convenient. It can avoid the installation of the bridge, and can reduce the installation cost by 20% or 40%. Depending on the use of site, you can choose different metal clad wire. If you want to buy discount metal covered wire with free sample, please send us an e-mail or call us. I am always at your service.

Huadong mc cable manufacturer

Why choose us?

Product process: Our MC cable all use high-class raw material. Such as high-quality copper or aluminum conductor, pvc outer jacket and so on. In the manufacture process, our professionals and works always check carefully. sales@hdswacable.com

mc cable product process

mc cable product process

huadong factory

huadong factory

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