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mv power cable
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medium voltage cable mv cable
medium voltage cable mv cable

Voltage: up to 35kv.
Core: single or 3 core;
Size: Up to 800mm2 for single core, up to 500mm2 for 3 cores
Conductor: Copper/Aluminum,Stranded class 2
Filler: Polypropylene filament with lapped binding tape
Insulation: XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)
Inner sheath: PVC
Armour type: 1. Galvanized steel wires/steel tape for 3 core; 2. Stainless steel wire/Steel tape or Aluminium wire/tape for single core Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or PE, or HDPE.
Colour: Black or according your request.
Nominal Cross-sectional Areas: 25mm2-800 mm2
Standard: IEC/BS/DIN/ASTM or others as per customer’s country Standard.
We can customize according to your requirements.

Conductor of mv cable

The main function is transmit electric energy of conductor. Aluminum and copper are the commonly used material. For ease of manufacture and use, the section of medium voltage power cables adopt standard series specification. The construction of medium voltage wire is: the multi-strand wire can use to assemble the bundle, and then press it tightly through the mold. The resistance of mv cable conductor: conductor itself has resistance. It will generate heat through current. Its temperature rise value is the key factor limiting cable current carrying capacity. We hope that the resistance of the conductor of mv wire are as small as possible. Huadong is one of most great medium voltage cable manufacturers in China. Please contact us if you need mv cable price list.

power cable medium voltage free sample
power cable medium voltage free sample

Conductor shielding layer of mv cable

It also called inner shield layer and internal semiconductor layer. The conductor shield layer of medium voltage power cables are the non-metal layer that is packed in the cable conductor. And it is equal potential with conductor. The main function of conductor shielding layer of medium voltage wire is to eliminate the potholes on the surface of the conductor, eliminate the porosity between conductors and insulation. So that the contact between the conductor and the insulation of mv cable tight. And it can improve the electric field distribution around the conductor of mv wire. As the one of most professional medium voltage cable suppliers in China, Huadong can give discounted medium voltage cable prices. Please send us an e-mail.


Insulation layer of medium voltage cable

The insulation of the medium voltage power cables have the specific function of withstanding the voltage of the system. During the life cycle of the medium voltage wire, it is inevitable that bear the rated voltage for a long time. And the over voltage and lightning impulse voltage in the event of the system failure. To sure that there is no relative or inter phase breakdown and short circuit in the working heating state. So the insulation material is the key to the quality of the mv cable. Please contact Huadong at any time if you need mv wire.

medium voltage power cable
discounted medium voltage power cable for sale

Insulation screen and armor layer of mv cable

The functions of insulation screen layer of medium voltage power cables are as follows: it is a transition between the insulation of the medium voltage wire and the grounding metal shield makes it close contact. And it can eliminate the pore between the insulation and the grounding conductor. It also can eliminate the tip effect on the surface of the ground copper tape. So that improve the electric field distribution around the insulation surface. There is a metal armor layer wound outside the lining. And the double layer galvanized steel tape can generally use for shield the mv swa cable from the damage caused by the mechanical external force during the construction operation. And it also protect the medium voltage wire from grounding. The armor has all kinds of structures, such as steel wire armor, stainless steel armor, non-metallic armor, etc. Want a reasonable mv cable price list? Please contact Huadong.

mv cable            mv cable structure

Metal shielding layer of mv cable

The metal shielding layer is wrapped outside the insulating shield layer. And it usually uses copper tape or copper wire. It is the key structure to protect the safety of the medium voltage power cables. The grounding shield layer to protect the medium voltage wire from external electrical interference, which limits the electric field inside the cable. In the case of grounding or short circuit fault of the system, the metal shield layer is the channel of the short circuit grounding current. The calculation of the neutral grounding mode of the system short circuit capacity determined its cross-sectional area. Do you want mv swa cable with free sample? Huadong can offer you. Just contact us.

mv power cable
buy mv power cable from professional suppliers

Outer sheath of mv cable

This is the outer protection of the mv wire. It is usually made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polythene (PE), all of which are insulating materials, and are made of extruding. According to the technical requirements, the general use of flame retardant PVC to the requirement of no cracking and softening in winter summer. The main functions of the out sheath of the medium voltage power cables are to prevent water intrusion, avoid cable failure cause corrosion and prevent the expansion of fire. You should print the out sheath the characteristic information of the medium voltage wire. Such as specification, model, production year and manufacturer and so on. Huadong is one of most reliable medium voltage cable manufacturers from China. So please feel free choose us.


What should you know when buying mv power cables?

In the market, there are so many medium voltage cable mv cable for sale. So when you buying power cable medium voltage, please be careful. Then, what should know when purchasing cable medium voltage on earth? Firstly, you should inspect the mv cable manufacturers. Only you find medium voltage aluminum cable factory, the cable quality can be guaranteed. Secondly, get a reasonable mv cable price list. When you buying mv power cable, please don’t just buy the cheap one. You should buy these suitable mv cables. In addition, HDC has supreme medium voltage power cables for sale. If you need mv power cable, welcome you come HDC.

medium voltage power cable manufacturers
medium voltage power cable manufacturers

Our advantages:

Huadong Cable Group is one of the most outstanding mv cable manufacturers and mv voltage suppliers in China. Our company is continuously improving the quality of medium voltage cables all the time. The medium voltage cable prices in Huadong is very competitive. If you have any need, please enter our website.

haudong factory

huadong factory

Package & Delivery: Power cable package by iron or wooden drum or according to client’s requirement.

mv cable packaging

mv cable package

Being one of the important medium voltage cable manufacturers, Huadong will offer quality service, competitive medium voltage cable prices, quality mv cable. So if you have any need, please don’t be hesitate to contact us.

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