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Conductor: copper/aluminum/aluminum alloy
Insulation: XLPE/PVC
Outer jacket: PVC
Armor: aluminum alloy
Voltage: 1–35kv
Packaging: wooden drum+wooden pallet/wooden box
Standard: IEC/ASTM/DIN/NFC etc.
Core: 1–5 or according to your requirement

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For exposed and concealed wiring in dry or wet locations and where exposed to the weather.
For use in ventilated, non-ventilated and ladder type cable trays in wet and dry locations.
For direct earth burial (with protection as required by Inspection Authority).
For service entrance above or below ground.
For use in hazardous locations with approved connectors.
Minimum recommended installation temperature minus 40°C (with suitable handling procedures).
Maximum conductor temperature 90°C.

pvc coated mc cable
low price pvc coated mc cable from HDC China

Where can get discount pvc coated mc cable price?

Do you want a low price when buy pvc coated mc cable? I guess you could say, yes, of course, I do. The problem is, however, where can you get cheap pvc jacketed mc cable? There are so many cable manufacturers and factories in the world. But, now, you don’t have to worry about it. You are very lucky, because you are reading this passage. I will tell you a professional pvc mc cable manufacturer and supplier from China. It is Huadong Cable group. Huadong is a joint stock enterprise, integrated in cable production, research & development,and domestic & international trade. Our products obtained I S O 9 0 0 1:2 0 0 2 and CCC, PCCC, SGS, BV certificates. We strictly according to GB, IEC, BS, ICEA, ASTM, DIN, VED, JIS standards to manufacture the products. And also we can design and produce according to customers’ requirements. Please feel free send us an e-mail or call us, if you need pvc jacketed mc cable.

pvc jacketed mc cable
discounted pvc jacketed mc cable

What should know about pvc coated mc cable?

The pvc coated mc cable is one of the most important cable types. Do you know about its basic information? Let’s me tell you. Just as the name implies, the jacket material of pvc jacketed mc cable is polyvinyl chloride, namely, PVC. The armor material of pvc mc cable is mainly aluminum, galvanized steel tape, and aluminum alloy. Among them, the aluminum alloy armor is the most light and popular. As for its conductor material, the same as other cables. They are mainly copper, aluminum, and aluminum alloy. In addition, you should know the application of pvc coated mc cable. The pvc mc cable is suitable for use in branch, feeder, and distribution circuits in commercial, industrial, institutional, multi-residential applications. The pvc coated mc cable is approved for power, lighting, control, and signal circuits. It also suitable for use in cable tray and other approved raceways. You can use pvc jacketed mc cable in places of assembly of 100 people or more, such as studios and theaters. The voltage ratings of pvc coated mc cable should not exceed 600v in any application. If you need pvc jacketed mc cable, please contact us at any time.

pvc coated mc cable
Huadong pvc coated mc cable supplier

HDC — a professional pvc jacketed mc cable factory!

Huadong Cable Group is not only one of the most outstanding pvc jacketed mc cable suppliers, but is pvc coated mc cable manufacturers. We can offer you high quality pvc mc cable, make enjoy the perfect service. More important, the pvc mc coated mc cable price is cheap. As long as you come Huadong and buy pvc jacketed mc cable, you must can buy the most top and cheap cable. Just feel free tp leave your requirement. HDC pvc jacketed mc cable manufacturer must satisfy you.

Why choose us?

Product process: Our pvc coated mc cable all use high-class raw material. Such as high-quality copper or aluminum conductor, pvc outer jacket and so on. In the manufacture process, our professionals and works always check carefully.

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Customer Case:Our pvc jacketed mc cable products have been exported to more than 30 countries. Such as: Russian, America, Yemen, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania countries, etc.

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huadong customer

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