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Conductor: copper, aluminum, aluminum alloy
Armor layer: aluminum alloy interlocked armor
Cores number: 1/2/3/4/5, etc
Outer jacket: PVC
Insulation: XLPE
Maximum Temperature Rating: -40°C to 90°C (Wet or Dry)
Maximum Voltage Rating: 600V/1-35KV

What do you know about teck 90 cable?

The cable teck 90 is composed of bare conductor with cross linked polyethylene insulation. All teck90 cable come with a bare ground wire in the construction. The teck 90 complies with the CSA specification and feature interlocked armor. Many people think that teck 90 cable is a cost-effective alternative to installing the cable in conduit. Teck90 is slightly more expensive than standard aluminum interlocked armored cable. But a unparalleled feature to teck 90 wire is the inner and outer PVC jacket. This extra inner jacket provides additional protection from external physical and chemical over typical aluminum interlocked products. It adds a significant reduction in the amount of corrosive acidic gases evolved under fire conditions. This ensures the safety of operators and protects sensitive electronic devices. The auxiliary PVC jacket on the inside of the teck 90 armored cable can make it better cost effective long term solution for many people. If you have any question about teck 90 cable, you can call Huadong. And if you want to get the teck 90 cable price, you also can contact us. We will give you a reasonable price. We are always pleased to serve at any time.

TECK90 Construction
TECK90 cable Construction

What do you know about application of teck 90 cable?

Teck 90 armored cable is a rugged, durable cable. After years of service, you can see the point in the most demanding industrial and resource industries. From mines and major resource industries. Such as the pulp and paper, petrochemical and metal industries, private residences, high-rise buildings and commercial buildings. You can use teck 90 wire in many cases. You can use cable teck90 not only in draught and dry places, but also in dark and humid environments. In addition, in ventilated or non-ventilated ladder type trays, in the wall or ceiling beams, you can also use teck90 cable. The teck 90 cable has a great advantage. There is no need for conduit or duct. Since teck90 has a aluminum alloy armor layer in itself structure. You can bury it directly. The cable teck 90 eliminates the need for pipe saving the contractor or end user money in many dangerous applications. Teck90 cable is typically rated at 600 Volts in the circuit sizes and 1000 Volts in the power sizes. Sometimes, you will find that Teck90 and Teck style products with galvanized steel interlocking armor (GIA). These styles are not typically stocked and would be offered as a special manufactured item.

Teck 90 cable

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I believe that now you must have a clear understanding about teck 90 cable. So, do you want to buy discount and high-class teck90? That, of course, is nonsense. Who wouldn’t want that? So here comes the question: where can get cheap and fine cable teck 90? I highly recommend Huadong Cable Group to you. Huadong has rich experience, specialized person, advanced equipment, and perfect service. All of this can ensure that you can get low price and high-quality teck 90 cable. So please send us an e-mail or call us at once, if you want to buy teck90. We will offer you a adorable teck 90 cable price list.
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teck 90 cable
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Why choose us?

Product process: Our pvc coated teck90 cable all use high-class raw material. Such as high-quality copper or aluminum conductor, pvc outer jacket and so on. In the manufacture process, our professionals and works always check carefully.

huadong factory

huadong factory

Our factory: Huadong Cable Group is not only a supplier, but also a manufacturer. Our company only produce high- quality 2 core cable. We are adhering high quality and best service to make our Huadong be famous all over the world.

huadong factory

huadong factory

Customer case: We have exported wires and cables to European, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, and Asia and so on. For a long time, we have provided high quality and low price products. So we have won the trust of our customer.

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huadong customer

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